Medicare Advantage

Another way to fill in the holes in Original Medicare is with a Medicare Advantage Plan, or Part C. An Advantage plan is similar to the medical plans you may have had in the past. They are private health insurance plan for individuals enrolled in Original Medicare.

Advantage plans are meant for those who want to pay for benefits when they need them, and avoid high upfront costs. Advantage plans do have networks, copays, coinsurances, and deductibles.

How it Works

  • Find the plans in your area that has your primary care physician in the network and that the plan covers all your prescription drugs.

What it costs

  • Advantage plan can range from $0 premium to $170 depending on the plans available in you area.

Why choose an Advantage plan ?

  • Considerably less expensive
  • In good health and don’t want to spend a lot on coverage
  • They offer many additional benefits designed for keeping you healthy
  • Prescription drug coverage is included at no additional cost
  • No medical underwriting

Things to consider

  • Advantage plans have very minimal cost up front, but cost occur when medical treatment is required
  • If you have substantial medical condition(s) it may cost more long term
  • If you go outside the network you may pay more

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