Medicare Supplement

A common option to fill the holes is with a Medicare Supplement or Medigap plan. Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, meaning the coverage for each plan is the same with every company, so you know exactly what you are buying. Supplements only cover costs associated with Part A and Part B.

How it Works

  1. Choose a plan with the desired coverages for Part A & Part B from the table below
  2. Contact an advisor for the best rates in your area
  3. Enroll in Prescription Drug Plan (PDP). See Prescription Drug Coverage for how to enroll

Note: Plan F and C is going away but Plan G is better

What it Costs

Because of the extent of coverage, Medicare Supplement plans may cost significantly more than other options. Rates can range from $80-$170 depending on the plan selected, the area, and the insurance company.

Why choose a Supplement ?

  • No networks, any doctor, hospital, clinic that accepts Medicare is available to you.
  • Changing plans can happen any time (with medical underwriting consideration)
  • Travel? Coverage is available anywhere Medicare is accepted across all 50 states

Information to Consider

  • Medicare Supplements offer few optional benefits since they are tied so closely to original Medicare. This means that supplements usually do not cover comprehensive dental, eyglasses, hearing aids, and so on.
  • Supplements have no prescription drug coverage
  • Supplements are intended to lesson the risks of high cost sharing when services are rendered. This means that higher premiums are paid. It is one way of managing your risk.
  • Rates increase with age
  • You will pay high monthly premiums whether benefits are used or not
  • In certain situations medical underwriting may be required

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